Champagne, 3 Ways


Champagne, a cocktail that insinuates celebration is my drink of choice. Whether its small sips after checking off all things on todays to-do list, or gargantuan gulps apropos to a promotion. Big or small, there is always something to celebrate! This week, it hasn’t been entirely difficult to find reason to excuse the mixology that has commenced in my kitchen.

Chia Seed Mojito Champagne

The mimosa is great because it’s so, very simple. But kick it up a notch and amaze your guests by adding mojito mixer and chia seeds to a pitcher of champs.

IMG_0468 IMG_0472 IMG_0476

Why It’s Yummy: Its ultra fresh. And you feel kind of, sort of proud for sneaking a “superfood” into your cocktail.

Pair With: A delicious brunch and a group of gal pals.

Champagne Soaked Fruit

On a hot summer day fruit is must, champagne-infused is a plus!output_k20SJQ

Why It’s Yummy: No need for plastic cups, serve in a bowl or on skewers.

Pair With: A mid-day summer BBQ. Grill some salmon kabobs and offer up a sweet treat on the side.


Champagne Jello Shots

Are Jello shots ever classy? Well, with champagne…perhaps.

IMG_0454 IMG_0458

Here is what you’ll need: gelatin (plain, recommended. I used what was on hand-sugar free cherry), champagne and boiling water.

Here is how you do it: boil water…add gelatin mix into a separate bowl….once water is boiling add 2 cups to the gelatin and mix…then add 2 (+) cups of champagne and continue mixing…put in trays/cupcake-holders/etc. and let cool in fridge for 4 hours. *(sprinkles & heart optional)

Why It’s Yummy: Adding bubbles makes for a different, not so strong Jello shot.

Pair With: A dinner party or any sort of evening celebration…surprising your partner with these over Netflix is completely justified.

Cheers to the weekend,


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