Ana Strumpf: Trumps In Artistic Flare

“It all began in a very organic manner, unpretentiously, and ended up gaining a more defined shape, as people’s interest picked up.”-AS

As a magazine connoisseur, I tend to hoard my collection of ‘zines way beyond practicality. Yet, something about those glossy pages, stacked oh so high, has become the standard little library in my humble abode.

Other than utilizing my archives of issues in this handy way,  I was recently exposed to a glorious exhibition of “Re-covers”, enhanced and bedazzled by Brazilian interior designer, Ana Strumpf.

images courtesy of

From Vogue to Vanity Fair, Strumpf has doodled on the faces of Gisele, Audrey Hepburn and Queen B; magnificent covers becoming that much more with Stumpf’s artsy flare.

Such a simple concept, so beautifully executed. And something I thought would be fun to apply, incorporate and interchange into my own gallery wall !

Here are my current Strumpf inspired doodles, on fashions ad’s…

Creative outlet fulfillment, check. Execution, working on it…:)
If fashion mags aren’t your thing, this could easily be done to favorite family/friend photos!

Explore more of Ana Strumpf’s designs here or here.


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  1. Kathleen Pollock says:

    Another creative masterpiece, Paige! You never cease to amaze me with your wonderful ideas! Got my day off to a fun start! Love you and my pride in you grows and grows! Gma

    Sent from my iPad


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